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Enjoy life changing experience in Kaskinen & Sälgrund
lighthouse island!

My Hometown: Starring - Krista Siegfrids  VIDEO:

Kaskinen Sea-Charter VIDEO

Directed and filmed - Tommi Merivirta
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Greetings from the smallest
town in Finland!

Kaskinen- Facebook

Monday, 17 February 2014 16:16

Check out our brochure

To have a taste on the beauty of our small island town, the charming wooden houses, the sea, the lighthouse and all this place has to offer, please browse our new brochure online.

If you prefer to have the printed one, please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The brochure is free.

In the beautiful 18th century Bladh house there is a shop full of handmade beautiful things. This is the third seasonal shop of these designers - each of the shops have been incredibly popular in the region. 

Find out more about the individual designers here.

pop up shop FACEBOOK:

Kaskinen : Facebook

In the Facebook page of the shop you will find the most recent product pictures - most of them can be also bought online. Just contact the shop owners and make your request.

Opening hours:

Sat 11-15

Tourist Info: 0400 868781

We are also happy to open the shop at request, please call: +358- 50-3224777



The bright colourful season is there now. Beautiful orange and red flaming trees, bright skies and and the lovely green greyish sea. It is a truly beautiful time to book a day trip to the Ligthouse Island of Sälgrund. You can choose from interesing daytrips to a night at the Pilot station. Welcome! The main island of Kaskinen is as gorgeous as ever, also worth a day or two walking and watching the pretty old houses and their well kept gardens.

Visit Kaskinen Video:

Kaskinen Sea-Charter Video:

Vauhdilla matkassa -hanke