Wednesday, 29 January 2014 10:18

Winter fishing and white-tailed eagles

Proper winter has arrived to Kaskinen. Since the beginning of January the temperature has dropped well below the zero, and the ice conditions are already permitting winter fishing. See our comfortable hotels and hostels for a relaxing winter holiday.

In late January and February, ice-frosted trees sparkle in the sun, and the thick ice formed from the waters around Kaskinen will probably remain solid for a good while. Discover the best winter fishing waters and the most pleasant trails for cross-country skiing in the small archipelago around Kaskinen.

A snow mobile trip to the lighthouse of Sälgrund is well worth the while, ice conditions permitting. The masses of ice pressed up against the cliffs of the island are among the season's other treats, along with Kaskinen's wildlife.

The majestic white-tailed eagle can be seen on its daily rounds, preying on the fish left by the local fishermen.


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