A cookie, is a small file, that is sent between a browser and a web server. The file holds a modest amount of data, regarding activities and choices made by a visitor on a web page. Cookies enables the server to provide a page tailored to a specific visitor, based on previous visits. 

Cookies are not harmful for the computer. Since cookies are very small, the storage of the computer is barely affected. 

Why are cookies used

Cookies are used on this website to provide a better user experience, through identification and analysis of web traffic. The cookies do not store personally identifiable information, such as names or emails.

Manage cookies

You can manage cookies in your browser settings. Blocking cookies are not recommended, since it may degrade the user experience on the site, and cause content to not be displayed. If you delete cookies, sites that you have visited will not remember past settings, and the content will not be adapted to you.



Updated 17.12.2018