Närpiön Säästöpankki

Raatihuoneenkatu 36

tel: 010 423 9000


Cykeluthyrning Peede

Enjoy a bicycle ride in Kaskinen - interesting places to visit can be found in all points of the compass.

Renting and returning at Aleksanterinkatu 20 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. or according to agreement.


Sea charter services in Kaskinen are run by

Oy Kaskinen Sea-Charter AB

Boat taxi services, sea cruises and fishing trips

Bladhska Boden

A small shop by several artisans and designers of Kaskinen in the beautiful old Bladh house. There is a variety of interior textiles, accessories, decorative items, gifts and souvenirs for sale. 

Opening hours:

Saturday 11-15


The guest harbour is closed for this summer.



Satamakatu 18

+358 408466062

+358 505398173


Annes hantverk

This unique little shop of Anne is in her home, which is a beautiful blue house close to the Northern end of Raatihuoneenkatu. The entrance is the same as the front door of her home, so just enter the yard and ring the doorbell.

A lovely little cafe at the heart of the town. 


Address: Sulkukatu 12 B

 64260 Kaskinen
Tel. +358-45-232 22 00

In emergiencies call 112.

Otherwise you can turn to the health centers in Kaskinen and neighboring towns - see schedules below.


Mon-Thu klo 8 - 16
Fri  8 - 14.15

Timber, building materials, paint, glass service, tools, batteries, clothing, household utensils.

Adress: Perämiehenkatu 2 / Styrmansgatan 2
64260 Kaskinen

Tel. 050 5751307

Opening hours Monday to Friday 9-17, Sat. 10-14

Kauneushoitola Irmeli

Di-kosmetolog Irmeli Rinteelä

  • Kroppsbehandlingar
  • Ansiktsbehandlingar
  • Fotvård
  • Make-up

Address: Raatihuoneenkatu 34; at the square, right behind the town house

Open Wed, Sat-Sun 11-15

(Closed January and February)


The town library of Kaskinen is situated at the main square

Satamakatu 18

tel +358-50-5915450 

Hotel Rooms and a spacious apartment for rent at sea in the center of Kaskinen next to restaurant Sininen Hetki.


Supermarket SALE

Marianrannankatu 1 / Mariestrandsgatan 1 +358-10 7648820

Open Monday to Friday 7-21, Sat 7-18, Sun 12-18

A supermarket, post office and fuel.

Accomodation in apartment (1-4 persons)


Oy Nicethings Ab

Address: Marianrannankatu / Mariestrandsgatan 76

+358 50 3444916


Vi kallar oss Ö-Spel, för att vi kommer från Kaskö, som är en ö. Vår repertoar består av all slags folk- och etnomusik. Vi sjunger och spelar olika instrument. Sonja spelar pianodragspel och tvåradigt. Rose-Marie spelar fiol, flöjt och bodhran och Stina spelar fiol och mandolin.

Open by order mo-fr 10-18.00


Phone 044 7337030 tai 044 9701313


Bladhintie 35
64260 Kaskinen

tel. +358 44 776 0902, fax (06) 2227356, email:

Opening hours

Mon 9-16, Tue 9-16, Thu 9-16.45, Fri 9-16 Sat-Sun: closed

Krukmakeri Murray

James & Raija Murray's charming ceramic shop and atelier. Open whenever this Irish-Finnish couple is at home. You will find them either in the shop or working in the atelier building in the yard. You are also welcome to look around in their beautiful garden.


Address: Satamakatu 28a, 64260 Kaskinen

Tel: +358- 400-877367

Sonjas lillstuga

A charming retro style shop in an old bakery that is situated behind the beautiful yellow house of the artist and shop owner Sonja Lapveteläinen.  Open whenever Sonja is at home, just ring the doorbell.

Prins Eerikinkatu 5 / Prins Eriksgatan 5

tel. 040 728 7959


Strand Loppis

Address: Satamakatu 12

Tel. 0400-567244 Taina Pajulahti or 044-3611921 Tapani Mäenpää

Opening hours

Saturday 11-15, Sunday 12-15

A well organized small shop with a wide range of second hand goods.


BICOM-bioresonansterapi kan hjälpa vid

  • Allergier/ intoleranser
  • Hudbesvär - luftvägsbesvär
  • Magbesvär

Taxi Christer Bonde
Tel. 06-2228060, 0400-363967

Taxi Tom Holmlund
Tel. 044-0121803

Bladhska gården

The Bladh House, heart of the town

The founder of Kaskinen, Peter Johan Bladh built this house in the 18th century. According to the rumor, it was originally built in Sweden, then taken into pieces, transferred to Finland by  ship and rebuilt on its current location in 1788.




Tourist information at the town hall

Mon-Fri 9-15

Phone: +358 400 868781 or +358 6 2207711

Raatihuoneenkatu 34


Tourist information at weekends in the shop at the Bladh house

Satrurday 11-15

Address: Bladh house, Cneiffinpolku 1 Facebook:


Tourist information at the fleah market Kirppis-Loppis

Wed, Sat-Sun 10-15

Address: Raatihuoneenk 34

Vuokkos galleri


A small art gallery in the centre of Kaskinen. Several exhibitions every year.

Open whenever she is at home - ring the doorbell or call.

Raatihuoneenkatu / Rådhusgatan 51

Vuokko Kuhalampi 041 4416274

Zonterapi, Ayurvedavård

Diplomerad zonterapeut, diplomerad ayurveda terapeut
Aune Hakala