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Cneiffs sten

Cneiff's stone tells an interesting bit of Kaskinen's history.  Johan David Cneiff (1722–1791) was a shepherd and carved his life story in Latin into this rock in 1784.


This museum is located in the old Fishing Harbour of Kaskinen. Kaskinen is surrounded by exceptionally good fishing waters. Over the centuries fishing has been the most important source of income for the locals. This museum is a journey to the old ways of catching and preserving a fish.

Annes hantverk

This unique little shop of Anne is in her home, which is a beautiful blue house close to the Northern end of Raatihuoneenkatu. The entrance is the same as the front door of her home, so just enter the yard and ring the doorbell.

Gamla foton

Do you want to see how Kaskinen looked like in the old times? Then we warmly recommend you this photo archive.


Kaskinen church


The museum exhibits a middle class home from the 1850s in original state, and the history of Kaskinen. In the museum you can familiarize yourself with the long tradition of shipping, old fashioned style, local artists’ works and objects that tell you about the old times.

Mariestrands Camping

 A beautiful camping, well suitable for the whole family. Peaceful. Situated at the bay on the seaside near town center of the charming wooden town Kaskinen.

Open from May to the end of September.


Kalaranta, the old fishing barn site in Kaskinen, takes you back to a time when fishing was the town's most important livelihood. Here on Myllykallio - the Wind mill hill - you can still smell tar and Baltic herring on the barns and fishing net racks.

Krukmakeri Murray

James & Raija Murray's charming ceramic shop and atelier. Open whenever this Irish-Finnish couple is at home. You will find them either in the shop or working in the atelier building in the yard. You are also welcome to look around in their beautiful garden.

Sonjas lillstuga

A charming retro style shop in an old bakery that is situated behind the beautiful yellow house of the artist and shop owner Sonja Lapveteläinen.  Open whenever Sonja is at home, just ring the doorbell.

Prins Eerikinkatu 5 / Prins Eriksgatan 5

tel. 040 728 7959



The public beach of Kaskinen is situated at a bay behind the camping Marianranta. It is well protected from most winds and is well suitable also for children.

Bladhska gården


The Bladh House, heart of the town

The founder of Kaskinen, Peter Johan Bladh built this house in the 18th century. According to the rumor, it was originally built in Sweden, then taken into pieces, transferred to Finland by  ship and rebuilt on its current location in 1788.



Emil Cedercreutz 1911

Stastyn finns i stadsparken i Kaskö. Emil Cedercreutz-stiftelsen donerade statyn till Kaskö stad år 2018.

Vuokkos galleri


A small art gallery in the centre of Kaskinen. Several exhibitions every year.

Open whenever she is at home - ring the doorbell or call.

Raatihuoneenkatu / Rådhusgatan 51

Vuokko Kuhalampi 041 4416274