The Lighthouse - Sälgrund


Accommodation for 32 persons. Meeting rooms, sauna and fireplace room, catering services, fishing trips, seal safaris, snowmobile trips in wintertime, nature path, possibility to anchor with one’s own boat at Laxhamn harbour, a great place to organize a party.

Sälgrund is a lovely relaxing destination for someone who loves the sea, forests and appreciates staying in historical buildings.

The old pilot station is situated at the southern point of Sälgrund island, a one kilometre sea trip from Kaskinen Fishing Harbour. At the western side of the island there is a beautiful open sea landscape.

Common eiders and arctic skuas nest at Sälgrund. At migration times you can even spot rare species in the sea buckthorn bushes. White-tailed deer and moose are also seen on the island.

You can get acquainted with the multifaceted coast and forest nature on a nature path which starts from the yard of the pilot station.

You are welcome to enjoy the good fishing waters and sounds of the sea, peaceful nature and the historical nature of the area. Sälgrund invites you to relax!

Renovated facilities offer excellent surroundings for organizing events

Sleep at the Pilot Station

Reservations and info 

+358 40 350 9370

Sleep at the beautiful wooden cottages at the foot of the Sälgrund lightouse.  Within half hour from the center of Kaskinen.

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